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Butt Sex Cures Pussy Fumes Zombies



The Bitchless Blog has learned that scientists are testing a new "treatment" for victims of Pussy Fumes. It's called Gay Butt Sex.

Butt Sex Cures Pussy Fumes Zombies!
there is still hope for humanity



Derek and Jayden, Former Pussy Fumes Zombies

Bryan Charles Kocis in a nutshell


In order to understand The Piece of Shit that was Bryan Charles Kocis, there are a couple of things you first need to know:

1. The only state in the United States that has decriminalized the production of porn is California. And,

2. Essentially, except for some counties in Nevada, it is illegaly to contract for sex. Contracting for Sex is called prostitution.  Prostitution is illegal in most of America. As a result of prostitution being illegal, contracts to perform in porn are not recognized as valid contracts.

We Found Bryan Kocis' Head


What's Being Done To The Cliff Jensen?

Caption This?

Is The Cliff Jensen bottoming for the first time?

Inquiring Minds want to know.

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